At. Your. Service.
Expertly Handled.


Our team will bring you the best food from your city, door
to Jet or Yacht, in time for your trip.


Partnering up with some of the best restaurants around the
world. You will never feel like you have had to miss out.


We ensure all orders are delivered on-time by our dedicated


We can go as far as organising your company’s branding
onboard your chartered/owned Jet.


What we do…

We provide a number of services to simplify the intricate processes often not thought about when flying private or setting off by sea.

– A door to jet/yacht service. Delivering restaurant-made catering to your chartered means of travel.

– We will endeavour to source any additional accompaniments you may require; sought after drinks, groceries or gifts to take with you, to name a few. Let us look after this for you.

– Lastly, let us assist you with branding your chartered Jet. Ideal for business trips or leisure. We have a dedicated team working around the clock to be able to deliver your request on time. Company logo decals, branded seat headrests are just a few of the branding services we can organise.

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What restaurants can I order from?

Embarque will deliver from many of your favourite restaurants in your city. We are not limited to the major cities, either. We’ll strive to get you your requested catering in time for your intended trip.

What if I have an urgent trip, how much notice do I need to give?

Please allow up to 7 days for branding. Catering can be arranged up to 48hrs before the flight date.

Can my food be warmed up onboard?

Great question! Unfortunately, not all planes have ovens onboard. We will advise accordingly based on the aircraft type. Cold catering can also be considered, suitable for the time day of travel.

How do I pay?

Payment will need to be settled before the flight. This can be done via Wire Transfer or Credit/Debit card.


With expertise and experience in private aviation spanning over 10 years. We are here to offer all private flyers a broader selection of cuisines that may not have been accessible previously, aiming to make it easier and a seamless task for all.

Our passions include Luxury Travel (Private Jet travel in particular!) and the Culinary Arts, our goal is to deliver this.

Welcome to Embarque.